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HubSpot Projects


HubSpot Projects

The problem

Marketing is all about collaboration. Whether you're asking for sign off from a higher up on positioning and branding, or getting input from a subject-matter expert, your team needs to be involved with your work. 

Aside from that, many marketers are tasked with every aspect of their company's online presence, social media, events, print work and video. It's exhausting and sometimes, they're just not able to know exactly what they should be doing for every kind of project their team needs to complete. 


Some takeaways from our first workshop


We interviewed customers to better understand their current pain points.

Many of them were struggling with:
Tool fatigue Many customers used 4 or more project management tools to wrangle different collaborators
What's next We heard many customers struggle to know what kinds of work their team should focus on. Should they get a newsletter going? Should they optimize all their blog posts? 
What's best As many customers struggle with what they SHOULD do, many more struggle with HOW they should go about it. Customers trust HubSpot to deliver best practices to them, so even if they know how to run a content offer campaign, they'd like to run it the "HubSpot Way" 

From here, my team ran two workshops with members across the HubSpot organization. The first covered all of the existing pain points in our current process and customer sentiments on the problems. The second was an idea generation workshop for solving those problems.

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Approach validating

Once we had collected feedback, comments from customers and validated some pain points. We formed an idea that a task management approach, souped-up with the knowledge of HubSpot Academy could be extremely powerful. 

We approached customers and HubSpotters with paper prototypes to get their feedback on a general idea.


What we launched

Ultimately, we launched HubSpot Projects just before Inbound 2016. Some comments we got from customers were that they were super pleased to finally delete their three other project management tools and migrate to HubSpot. Other customers were very pleased that we had Academy created projects ready for them to use right away. 

More info at (sign up for a free trial and you can test it out for yourself!).