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HubSpot Reporting and Analytics

HubSpot Reporting and Analytics

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HubSpot reporting was previously distributed where every app had it's own version and flavor of reporting. Charts looked radically different and experiences were stilted and separate depending on if you were looking at Blog, Email, Website, or Revenue data. Customers couldn't find the data they needed to make good choices or even understand how well they performed last quarter. 


Initially I sent out a survey to about 1,000 customers asking them to indicate where they started their reporting journey, where they ultimately found the answer and how confident they were in their discovery. I asked customers to include external HubSpot tools and indicate where they felt the need to leave the product. My team then reached out to customers to do listening labs where we monitored their activity during regular reporting tasks. 


We first toyed with a reporting mindset by asking customers to sort their current reporting tasks into one of three places: Dashboards, Analytics Tools, and Custom Reports. Our preliminary findings indicate that customers prefer to consolidate reporting tasks. This seems to be related to end-of-month or other "regularly" schedule reporting activities. However, customers still struggle with some finer points of custom reporting. This will be studied in our next rounds of research. 

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